Our farm is an award winning arable & poultry farm in a wonderful setting in the South Somerset countryside. Having started from a green field site, we have spent the last twenty years growing and diversifying into the business we currently run, although never ones to sit still, we will always have plans to change and grow.

We offer a diverse range of farming & business operations, all of which are intrinsically linked by the same ethos – respect for the environment and sustainable activity. The farm is host to various events throughout the year that aim to educate, entertain and enlighten guests. There really is something for everyone at Frogmary Green Farm and plenty that will provide some food for thought.


We grow grass, cereals and maize: all of which are being grown to feed an onsite AD (anaerobic digester) plant producing biogas, which is then supplied back into the national grid and also to Frogmary as gas and electricity. The spent feed is called ‘digestate’ and is an extremely efficient fertiliser that is used on our growing crops in place of inorganic fertiliser.


Our broiler chickens are indoor reared to the highest British welfare standards. The flock cycle begins with us taking delivery of day old chicks from a hatchery. When they arrive we put them into large barns which have been heated to 32.5°C to provide them with the same heat their mother hen would have given them. They have the ability to roam wherever they would like in the barn and always have access to a carefully balanced diet of food and very clean water.

Over the following weeks the temperature will reduce as the chickens get older. When they are between 33 and 39 days they will be collected and taken to a processing plant where they will be humanely slaughtered and packaged ready for you to buy from a local supermarket.

Once the barns are empty of chicken we remove all the litter (to be used in our Anaerobic Digester). The barns are then washed down, disinfected and bedded back up, all ready for us to have the next flock of day old chicks.

One of our barns has a purpose built viewing gallery to show people how much care and attention we take to ensure that the chickens’ welfare is at the top of our priorities.


We were the first in the UK to install a biomass woodchip boiler for our chicken house heating system. Two Austrian Kob Pyrot boilers (840kw) utilise timber from local woodlands to provide us with a renewable energy source and avoid the need for fossil fuels.
We also have Solar PV panels capturing sunlight and producing electricity and from the AD plant we have electricity and gas piped into the farm, cookery school and classroom. Frogmary is now 100% reliant on renewable energy.


sainsburys agricultural award winner 2016 - embracing technology
Frogmary Green Farm - Somerset business awards Winner
Frogmary Green Farm - Rural Business awards South West - Regional winner 2018