Daffodil in bloom at Frogmary

Meet the Florist:


We'd like to introduce you to Holly-Jane. Our lovely florist at Frogmary Flowers, a new onsite flower shop! 

Holly has over 10 years of experience in floristry and event planning. She creates an amazing array of floral arrangements suitable for any occasion.

Holly has shared a little about herself below. Be sure to stop by and say hello next time you visit our farm! 

  • Any Hobbies?

    “I enjoy baking in my spare time along with pottering around in the garden growing a few flowers and vegetables. I also enjoy walking and enjoying the countryside around me, so lucky to live in a lovely part of the UK. I’m also a member of a bootcamp group and love it, never thought I’d enjoy exercising as much as I do now. I’ve met some lovely friends through joining and look forward to going to every session (never thought I’d say that!!)”

  • Favourite Plant?

    “I do love hellebores in the spring, there’s so many different varieties and love going out into the garden and seeing them appearing, maybe it’s because it’s a sign that spring is on it’s way! But there are so many beautiful plants in every season, I could change my mind each season!”

  • Favourite Flower?

    “It’s so hard to choose as there are so many beautiful flowers throughout each season, you never get fed up with the same flower as they are always changing throughout the year.”

  • Favourite Food?

    “This is a tough one: I seem to like most foods but most people would say I have a very sweet tooth and love cakes, I do love meeting friends for tea and cake! Dangerous now I’m working next to Farm & Field Cafe!!!”

  • Tips for looking after a bouquet?

    “You must regularly cut the stems of your flowers and at the same time change the water, try not to have them placed directly above a heater too, they don’t like to be cooked!”

Next time you're visiting, stop by and
meet our lovely new florist,
Frogmary Flowers.