Thank you so much to everyone who supported and donated to Nick's 7-Day Challenge. So happy to split this donation between the amazing Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance and our lovely local infant school, South Petherton CofE

Nick's Cycling Challenge (Pictures)

What was the challenge? 

This wasn't Nick’s first challenge (and we’re certain it won’t be his last!) In 2018, Nick ran a trio of triathlons to raise money on behalf of The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (R.A.B.I). He didn’t stop there! In 2019, Nick and his trusty bicycle travelled 3,000 miles across Canada in just 30 days. The final amount raised was over 30k!

Nick’s 7 Day Challenge (his most recent) started on the 19th of June 2021. Every day for one week, Nick ran a half marathon and finished the other half on his bicycle. That was 26.2 miles every single day!

The pandemic highlighted the importance of supporting the local community. Reflecting on this and a scary incident at Frogmary, Nick decided to keep this challenge local and support causes that are close to his heart and nearby his farm.

How your donations were gifted: 


South Petherton C of E Infant School

We have a wonderful relationship with South Petherton C of E Infant School! Each class spends 1 day a week at our SHED for forest school, where they have outdoor real learning
experiences. This could be anything from science, geography, art or just enjoying nature!

In recent years, South Petherton has increasingly become a more popular village to live in and has seen a boom in its population. 

With the more recent challenges of the pandemic and particularly COVID restrictions on schools, we recognised the need to provide additional space to support the Infant School.

We were so happy to be able to donate a whopping £1371.43 to help the SHED become a permanent residence for the Infant School.

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Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance

Operating for over 20 years, Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance is a vital service. From their base, they can be anywhere in Dorset and Somerset within 20 mins.

During Nick’s incident in March, he was flown up to Southmead Hospital in Bristol. They have the nearest intensive burns unit for many across Somerset and Dorset! In an ambulance, the journey is around 64.5 miles and could take hours – this time is critical to a patient’s survival.

Dorset & Somerset air ambulance rely on fundraising and the average cost of a mission is £3,000! To support their amazing work , we're proud to donate half of the funds raised.

We can’t thank the air ambulance team enough for their timely response, their care during the journey and Nick’s safe arrival at Southmead hospital.

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Thank you to everyone involved!

This challenge had a much more local feel - Not only because it fundraised for nearby communities and charities, but also lots of local people joined in! 

Whether running or cycling, Nick never had a day alone. Someone always came along to support him. Thank you to everyone who ran, cycled, donated and cheered Nick on over the week. You all kept his motivation up and helped him get through the hard days.

Thank you to the entire Frogmary team, Farm and Field Cafe, Coaching by Rob, AM Personal Training and Stable Design Ltd.

Pictures from the Challenge Week